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Hosting Reviews for Flatsite

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Yes, FLATsite really is that fast. In fact, even though that was one of the platform’s key selling points, I was still pleasantly surprised at just how quick and simple it was to use. Their solution offers me a lot of freedom when creating/modifying my sites with support for Wordpress and all that good stuff.

    Review Rating

FLATsite service is highly recommended! FLATsite is also an excellent method to monetize your WordPress sites through ads or even PBN services. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service.

Boyd Engebretson

    Review Rating

Any problems I've encountered have been handled fast and efficiently. Keep up the good work, Flatsite! I highly recommend their solution without any doubt. All of the features, flexibility, and functionality of WordPress with the enhanced speed, security, and all-around improved performance of static HTML.

Lindsay Scarpelli

    Review Rating

Live Chat support is always there. They are logical in attempting to figure out a solution. FLATsite not only allows you to set the name, live URL and server, it also allows you to set the display language for your website. Well done!

Barrett Sepulveda

    Review Rating

Absolutely great customer service. Always quick to reply and resolve issues even when the majority of the time it has been due to my error. As a newcomer to Flatsite I can say that the online support system is very good - answers within a few minutes and full information given. I can manage and update websites with a single click. FLATsite Stack lets you create multiple WordPress instances and store files and databases locally, all controlled under one roof.

Archie Wiersten

    Review Rating

I am happy with Flatiste Wordpress static wordpress site generator - there are so many useful features and management tooks. Thanks again for the help. What an awesome service. We’re looking to go geo-redundant with a place on the east coast.

Bernard Marks

    Review Rating

They have helped me to launch a number of static wordpress blogs and I'll use it for any website I ever host. I enjoy that fast, lightweight static pages which need little to know monitoring and are less vulnerable. I've even put together a list of five noticeable SEO benefits of FLATsite static sites - really cool solution.

Frederic Labombard

    Review Rating

Support got everything done for us in one afternoon. FLATsite is cool. If you’re seeking to manage one or hundreds of WordPress websites from a single dashboard with an innovative platform that focuses on user experience and security, then FLATsite provides just that. Thanks!

Kirby Mifflin

    Review Rating

Now everything works like a clock and I am happy running my sites. With FLATsite, you will never miss a critical update again. This one is perfect option for managing wordpress web sites. Thanks.

Mathew Deforge

    Review Rating

I like FLATsite static sites generator. Pricing is competitive. As people have mentioned previously it is good to ring a company and be able to speak with the same person, all things are dealt with in a professional manner and quickly.

Darius Raphael

    Review Rating

It is without doubt that FLATsite meets our needs very well, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending it to fellow associates. It takes my dynamic WordPress website and turns it into a static site. Really cool solution! Recommended.

Arthur Cram

    Review Rating

Well, FLATsite is able to help you achieve maximum security, speed, and productivity. FLATsite is helping people to eliminate the need for Multisite and instead provides a secure and comprehensive platform that runs highly secured servers for you. This is a very good solution for all webmasters. I am happy!

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