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HostICan has spent a considerable amount of time developing an ideal solution that is guaranteed to work well for you. Enjoy HostICan's clean and simple Control Panel, high allowance of disk space and unlimited monthly data transfer. HostICan host customers worldwide, ranging from blog sites to small online businesses, and just about everything in between!


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We first moved to them on their reseller plan (that they discontinued). They moved 50 cPanel accounts from our dedicated server at layeredtech to their reseller, for free.

After they discontinued the reseller plans we accepted to be moved to a VPS. We were already customers and got a decent monthly discount.

For us they were pretty decent. Didn't had too many problems, just small issues that were fixed on the spot.

One year +1 month with them.

Joseph Gaga

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These guys generally have some excellent plans. I've been with them for about 2 years.

They have had their ups and bumps but overall B+ guys.

As long as I can afford it, Im here.

Patricia C.

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I've 6 websites running at HostICan since August. Recently I had several downtime problems without any previous warning or support on their website. When I contacted them, I only got a very short answer after all was working again. My websites that were using MySQL were off for more than 4 hours.

I was pretty unpleased with these and their only explanation was that they were updating the CPANEL and had trouble with it.

Now I'm considering a new host.


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I was think that hostican is a great company

but from week a giveup from them and didn't like to work with them again

the support always ignore them customers if they didn't have answer

I took VPS for one year from 6 month and they closed them , said that my site is took alot of load more than 20% of total processing , and contact with them in 2 days to repoen it again , and after open , just my site work for 3 hours and colsed again , and they said that I should take dedicated server , and I agree to take dedicated server

and request to take the dedicated ,from 3 days without any action and without any replay

and finally after may tickit , they told me that "We're working on trying to locate you a dedicated server, as avaliability

is a little short at the moment, takes a little while to process this request.

Sorry for the delay."

I don't know what that mean !!

Rosina Lippi

    Review Rating

My probems with hostican started immediately. They offered to transfer my six domain names to their server, and in the process lost an entire domain's data. Instead of trying to work with me to figure out what went wrong and whether anything could be retrieved, they were defensive and accusatory. Although I changed my 18 digit, random password every day, they claimed that some third party must have come in and done things maliciously. I finally had to drop the inquiry because they simply refused to take any responsibility. Now, six months later, I am finding that while they are very generous with bandwidth, the CPU allowances are very restrictive. I hate the idea of changing webhosts again, but I think I will have to.

Paul Hunt

    Review Rating

I started using shared hosting at Hostican in January of 2008 for a number of small websites that I host. I stuck with them for 6 months until I just couldn't stand it anymore. The biggest issue was email.

1. My clients and I often lost emails for no apparent reason. The only explanation I could ever get from Hostican was that there was mandatory spam filtering in place and I couldn't turn it off. That filtering included blocking of major domains (hotmail, yahoo) at times. Unfortunately, this meant that clients had incoming emails bounced with a cryptic message and they never even knew someone was trying to reach them. In addition, some emails just never appeared anywhere - received or rejected. The only answer I could ever get from support was "We've made some adjustments - try again". They never fixed it. Or explained what they were adjusting.

2. Email forwarding was horrible. It would take 15-20 minutes for the forwarding to take place. Support said that this was a "limitation of shared hosting". Well, it's not a limitation at my new host - Hostgator.

I can't recommend Hostican for anyone that depends on reliably receiving email.

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